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Mar 25, 2022Liked by Bella Blaze

This one has me thinking when I was in junior high school and I just asked out the girl who just moved in around the corner from my house. I remember a couple of times we were sitting on the couch and I started moving my hands and fingers down and the side of her shorts she was wearing. After a few times trying to finger her I was finally able to feel her wet pussy lips, and boy was she all wet from fingering her.

All I can remember is that as I playing and fingering her wet pussy she was soaked in her juices that she cummed (Squirtered). She was all wet and soaked thru and while she whispered in my ear she had said she was not wearing any panties. She let me continue to play with her pussy and raised her legs up on the couch and saw her beautiful white pink pussy. I was speechless and so fucking hard my dick was so vainy that she grabbed it and came off the couch and started sucking my dick nice and slow. It was so perfect and beautiful she was was perfect and I just remember her head going up and down with her long hair. I told her I was getting ready to to cum and all she told me was then go ahead and cum in my mouth. After that I did and it was so much that she let a little spit out and kept sucking and swallowed.

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