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Derek gets to face up to Lisa's job... but will it be what he expected?
His new girlfriend has a scandalous job... can he live with it?
🔥 Open Q&A for SeptemberHello dears! Here’s your open thread, like your open marriage, for September’s spicy Q&A 🔥🔥🔥 As a paid supporter you can ask me whatever you …
What would you do if you met your perfect woman, but it had a catch?
Modern couples are exploring creative and exciting ways of being together without sexual exclusivity
August Open ThreadHello lovelies! Here’s your open thread for the month of August. You can tell me: What’s on your dirty little mind? What naughty unfaithful fant…
You know what I hate? I could answer that question with a lot of things, LOL For real though… this thing is more of an annoyance. I hate boring porn…
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