Great ideas in here! You're the best! 😘

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- Women discovering their inner slut

- Women choosing to cheat

- Women risking their relationship

- Women finding greater sexual satisfaction with "others", outside of their primary relationship

- Men discovering their love for voyeurism/compersion

- Men accepting, and encouraging their woman's hyper-sexuality/promiscuity

- A LOT of raunchy, dirty, messy sex


- Humiliation

- People being hurt

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My favorite story is Howife and how they interact with thete partners assist in the hotwife experience dressing planning etc

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I love reading about Female-led relationships that include cuckoldry. And I love reading about the kind of couple that agrees that the wife should and does have no limits. That includes romance. The cuckold husbands who understand they can’t give their wives what they fully need, and so with their blessing their beloved wives are free to have intimate, connected and loving relationships outside of their marriage (while he remains monogamous). I love how he lets her go get what she needs and wants and isn’t threatened by the prospect of her leaving him because she is actually polyamorous.

I hate stories based on an implausible premise or unrealistic situation. I like reality when it comes to this subject.

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I hate stories that are written poorly (overused words, awful grammar, etc.), and that escalate too quickly. Also, when it's all intense humiliation of the man, or the only focus is just on the sex without the buildup.

What I love is a slow build, especially because I love edging with a story, and one that captures those finer details of emotion, expression, and relationship.

I also like when it's realistic about sizes, preferences, etc.

For example, I'm 28 and married to a gorgeous wife who's 29. She had far more sexual experience than me when we met (even though I was no spring chicken), and she's had several guys that were very hung. I'm just under 8" and thick, and when I asked her about how she enjoyed those larger penises, she was like, "Yeah, large penises are overrated. You can't really do anal, and unless I'm really wet and warmed up, it just hits my cervix and hurts." She told me my dick is perfect size and shape for her to really fill her, but it doesn't (typically) hurt her. So realistically, if we carried out her fantasy to have an MFM threesome, she'd actually want a guy smaller than me to do anal, because I can only get half my shaft in her ass.

Although the big dick stories are really hot, I think sometimes it gets overplayed and doesn't feel super realistic. I love stories that have a natural "discovering" of each other's desires in a sorta raunchy way, and then a natural, sensual unfolding of those desires into the act, with the husband being part of the play, or at very least being present.

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i enjoy a happy cuckolding relationship story where it always isn't about humiliation. i don't mind the teasing aspect but not the bad humiliation stuff. i am in this lifestyle because of my age and being older brings a downturn with some men so i love that a wife is satisfied and has great pleasure for her. For when she is pleased then i am pleased. i want her to enjoy herself

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Love to read about a wife going on a date with another man , telling her husband all about the date , then have it turn into a relationship with the other man

Hate when every author takes it to unbelievable realms where the wife starts having sex with 3, 4 or more other guys. Keep it to one romantic partner and watch the husband lose her a bit

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Stories about a naive, married wife (like me) who is undersexed and extremely horny

and doesn't quite yet know the pleasures of another man, as she was a virgin when she married. Her hubby is a wonderful man, that is on the smaller side and has a tendency to cum quickly, thinking only about his pleasure.

She logs on to their computer to browse the internet and comes across her hubs stash of porn depicting married wives being taken by huge cocks, and she is mesmerized.

And the story goes from there

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Glad you like it hopefully you will write 9n that subject I have written 9n lush stories about my wife's adventures

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My fave are stag/vixen stories where the wife is encouraged to realize and explore her inner carnal desires at the behest and encouragement of her husband

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Pregnancy risk to impregnation are the underlying themes I prefer involving these scenarios:

Clubbing, strangers, girls night out, vacation, gangbangs, unwanted or unexpected pregnancy

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More than the particular subject, I really enjoy stories in which the narrator expresses how turned on they are. I also like when the characters kiss to show how turned on they are. Porn without kissing is so boring. I'm turned off by abuse and scatological descriptions.

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I love the cuckold stories and cheating wives even enjoy the humiliation parts. But dont care for the man on man stuff. Cream pie and cleaning the wife are very hot as well

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So, I’m a married guy . Great shape , married to the best woman in the world . Let’s call her Torre .

My woman is fine , very loyal . Together we are like Velcro . However; I truly get off on her controlling me and having these mini affairs.

It’s very hard in todays world to even find anyone . Her preference is Brown,black athletes with a big package . I’m third … hot right. Any way the moment she mentions she has interest in anyone I go into this euphoria.

I become this almost sissy like man waiting for her story .

Does anyone else get like this ?

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Bnwo type stories

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i want to thank you for bringing a old guy like me and the excitement back in my life. it has been a lifesaver for me.

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Like stories about Hotwifing & Swinging.

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