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This is an easy one for me, given how I felt when my wife had unprotected sex with her lover. She had met with that man, a colleague of her, a couple of times already, both times using condom. They had discussed STD and she has a IUD, and so she felt safe with him.

The third time they met, she allowed him to take her in the rear, and release his load there inside her She never lets me go there, let alone bareback, because (she says) of the girth of my penis. But her lover has a very decent size too... and there she gave him a privilege she denies me. (The fact that she came back to me owning her part, and telling me that indeed only her lover could do that triggered a strong submissive response from me.)

Then the most recent time she met her lover, they experimented D/s together --with him making her bend to his commands and her going into subspace for the first time (from well administered spanking). By the end of their session, he asked her if she wanted him to cum inside her pussy. She said yes...

I love to pleasure my wife with my cock, and at this point in our 8-year long relationship I think that not having PIV sex would compromise our intimacy. BUT the thought that she’d reserve herself for her lover, and only allow me to have sex wearing a condom is very hot! (What actually happened when she returned that night is she denied me PIV sex, as she belonged to him that day. I begged, and she allowed me to taste her pussy, and... whatever traces of him was still there.)

One lesson I’ve learned from our Hotwifing kink is that I am more loving and resilient when she denies my ejaculation in such intense situations. So I guess she could have it both ways if she wanted to; I’m happily submissive when she asserts her preferences.

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Very kinky! 🔥

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No condom for anyone. Why not, shit what a choice.

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Either way you lose

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