An affair could be just the beginning of your relationship…

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Monogamy isn’t what it used to be.

With dating apps, women have their pick of men… and they can find that new guy with the tap of a button.

A lot of men find themselves “priced out” of the dating market.

And… shocking as this is…

Many men discover that they don’t mind an experienced… even unfaithful… woman in their lives!

When everybody’s cheating and being cheated on, things aren’t going to be like they were for many couples. It’s not the kind of commitment we learned about… but many couples make this “new normal” work for them.

Infidelity is always painful, complex, and potentially destructive to any relationship.

But cheating, with all the lies, deception, and hurts, is only one way this works out.

And you’re always dealing with complicated emotions and desires even if you stay exclusive.

Monogamy was always like a bandage over our natural animal instincts

Even if you have it, you can still bleed out.

Today, lots of couples are exploring the boundaries of monogamous dating, relationships, and even marriage. They’re discovering deeper, more emotionally… and sexually… satisfying connections with their partners, because of — not in spite of — non-exclusive arrangements.

Maybe you’re one of them.

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Welcome to Ablaze With Bella

My name’s Arabella “Bella” Blaze, sex writer, advice columnist, advocate for the committed but promiscuous women out there, and helper of couples navigating the troubled waters of infidelity.

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Ablaze With Bella is where I publish short thoughts and wise insights for couples dealing with the risks, pains, trials… and explosive erotic excitement of female non-monogamy… as they date, pair up, and come together as husband and wife.

Aren’t you supposed to stay monogamous as a couple?

There’s what society says. 🚫

Then there’s human nature. ✅

Humans do like to pair up… and we also like to stray.

If you think that’s a conflict, you’re right!

That’s why I’m here to help couples deal with the emotions and feelings — bad and good! — that happen with affairs. I want to help you, both of you, together, live your most satisfying relationship.

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Do I write stories?

That depends on who is asking 😉

If you came here looking for my erotic romance stories, I have to disappoint you.

They aren’t here.

For a variety of reasons, legal and financial, I’ve had to take down all my fictional explorations.

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Yes, you can survive and even thrive with an “unfaithful” partner!

I want to help couples find their way through and come out stronger than ever.

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  • You have conflicting feelings about your own relationship, or your partner, when you think about your future together as an exclusive couple

  • You suspect that your partner might be having an affair, or even interested in one

  • You wonder why you’re attracted to certain types of partner even when you KNOW you’re asking for a faithless relationship

  • Your wife or husband mentioned to you that she had an intense sexual dream about another person (and you got a little curious)

  • You find yourself unconsciously pulled towards stories of couples involved in unorthodox romantic and sexual partnerships

  • You’ve had a partner cheat on you in the past and wonder how to rebuild trust in your current relationship

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  • You wonder why men stay with women who cheat on them, even defending her actions

  • You’ve felt jealousy, envy, insecurity, fear, doubt, or anxiety about your partner’s loyalty

  • And especially if…

You’re confused, bewildered, and completely awed by the emotions, thoughts, and wishes that come along with your long-term relationship or marriage!

Hey, I get it.

Real life isn’t much like the movies and TV shows. Dating, relationships, and marriages aren’t much like the “happily ever after” romance books.

But we make it work.

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~ Bella Blaze

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